• Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Select shaft

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Select shaft

  • Field point accuracy with broadheads:
  • Lightweight speed: Good choice for bowhunters who shoot longer distances
  • Breakthrough Mechanical broadhead accuracy: Good choice for bowhunters who prefer mechanical broadheads
  • Best field point accuracy: Tightest field point grouping hunting arrow in the Carbon Express® line. Up to three times tighter field point grouping than non-Carbon Express® arrows. This makes the arrow a good choice for bowhunters who also shoot 3D
  • Better performance for lighter draw weights: Good choice for bowhunters who want maximum kinetic energy and accuracy and who shoot a lighter draw weight
  • Built in broadhead tuning
  • World-class Maxima® specs
  • Matched Set – 6- and 12-pack sets are sorted and matched by weight and spine for best-in-class consistency. Spine selection sorting tolerance is +/- 0.0025”. Weight sorting tolerance is +/-1.0 grains
  • Real Straightness – Every arrow is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Maxima® BLU™ RZ straightness of +/- 0.0025” is a maximum measurement, not an average
  • LAUNCHPAD® Precision Nock — come standard to deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot
  • Performance Vanes — fletched with Blazer® performance vanes
  • Nock Collar — proprietary BullDog™ Nock Collar to protect the shaft against nock-end impacts
  • Upgrade Path – The Maxima® BLU™ RZ has a compatible weight to the Maxima Blue Streak®. Upgrade from the Maxima Blue Streak® to the Maxima® BLU™ RZ without changing bow setup to get ultimate broadhead performance
    * Bare shaft weight
5078815012 pack6.590.502"0.286"
5078925012 pack7.450.413"0.291"
5079035012 pack8.450.346"0.296"
507911506 pack6.590.502"0.286"
507922506 pack7.450.413"0.291"
507933506 pack8.450.346"0.296"
5079415036 pack6.590.502"0.286"
5079525036 pack7.450.413"0.291"
5079635036 pack8.450.346"0.296"

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    Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ Select shaft

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